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Best Watch Ever | Coros Global Apex

I received my Coros Global Apex watch on January 9th, I am writing this on January 28th, and I still have yet to charge it! It arrived at 80% charged, and has been turned on GPS mode for 15+ hours. I have also used it for indoor training several times. The battery life is by far the best I have ever experienced in a watch.

It also performs really well in the cold. All of my outdoor runs have been in cold temps, from racing in the South Mountains Half Marathon where temps hovered around 32, to my recent adventure on Beech and Roan Mountain where temps dipped below 5 degrees. Battery life and performance were excellent.

At first I thought the heart rate monitor might have been a little off, however comparing it to my most recent VO2 max test results, it was spot on with what some of the most sophisticated machines in the planet say.

Lastly, the elevation altimeter is spot on. I've tracked it on several mountain peaks and it has been within 2 feet in accuracy. I love being able to track my elevation gain as I do my runs as most of my runs are in the mountains, and I love seeing my vertical gain and descent without having to upload anywhere

The watch has lots of features I have yet to explore but one thing is for sure. To have a watch with this amount of battery life, an altimeter, heart rate monitor, multi-sport mode at a price point of $350 is crazy! Such an amazing value, and it looks great on nights that I go out with my wife and friends.

Oh and lastly, its so light!! I got the 46mm titanium allow version weighing in at 55 grams!

Buy yours here

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